Rally is the fun dog sport in which you can encourage your dog with praise in the ring.

It’s a great way to start your dog’s competitive career or just have fun in a new dog activity.

Rally classes at the Puppy Perfectors focus on AKC Rally-O. Introductions to Rally Freestyle Elements, Cyber Rally-O and UKC Rally-O TBA.

In our obedience classes, you will learn all the exercises required for AKC Rally-O. Once or twice a month, Rally classes will be offered for all level 3 and advanced students to come and learn how to read the Rally signs and navigate a Rally course. Please check our Calendar for upcoming dates for the Rally classes and make sure you are on our email list so you are informed of upcoming dates.

All four types of rally are similar in that a course is configured with signs or “stations” describing a specific exercise to be performed by the dog and handler team. How do they differ? Sign graphics and exercise requirements vary, some exercises are unique to a particular type of rally and judging criteria is specific to the rally’s sanctioning organization.

If you are interested in Rally Freestyle or the other types of Rally, please email us and we will put you on our interest list and inform you when the next class will be scheduled.

For dogs and handlers who have completed The Puppy Perfectors Novice Obedience Level 3 or have instructor permission. Rally classes are held twice a month on Saturday afternoons. To reserve space, email the instructor, Diana: pdesimonsen@comcast.net.