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Nose Work classes are Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings, and Sunday evenings.

Are you looking for something new to do with your dog that will enable it to use its natural instincts and challenge it mentally? Do you have a reactive dog that isn’t ready to take part in group classes? Want to boost your dog’s confidence? Just want to have fun trying something new? Nose Work is the class for you and your dog!

All dogs love to sniff, search and hunt, regardless of size, shape or breed. Nose work is a win-win activity for both you and your dog. You’ll harness your dog’s “scentsability” dog with an opportunity to partner with you while doing something he or she naturally loves to do. As you work with your dog, you’ll learn how to read your dog’s body language, a valuable skill for understanding the way your dog communicates.

Nose Work class is structured so that only one dog is working at a time while the other dogs relax in their crates or cars. This gives the reactive or fearful dog an opportunity to tune into its handler in a safe, calm environment while doing an activity inherently satisfying to the dog. As students observe each other working, they learn handling and communication skills.

Equipment needed for Nose Work class:

  • a harness or collar the dog will wear only when searching
  • at least a six-foot nylon, leather or cotton lead
  • lots of small aromatic treats (fish and meat based treats are the best).
  • for home practice, beginning students will need a variety of 6 to 12 cardboard boxes
  • intermediate students will need two or three metal tins with holes in the top; Altoid tins work well

Cost: Class is $165 for 1 hour for 6 weeks.

K9 Nose Work Introduction

This class is for dogs that have not been introduced to the odors used in nose work. Dogs build enthusiasm and drive for searching by looking for their favorite treat rewards and/toys in boxes.

Handlers learn effective ways to motive their dogs to search independently and become adept at reinforcing their dogs’ success in finding the treats and/or toys.

Prerequisites: No prior training required. Dogs must be able to handle confinement in their car or crate when not working. While reactive dogs are welcome in nose work classes, reactive dog owners should contact Puppy Perfectors for instructor approval prior to enrolling.

K9 Introduction to Odor

This class is for dogs that enjoy the nose work game are ready to progress to searching for specific odors. Dogs will be introduced to one of the target odors used in K9 Nose Work competitions.

Using the skills they’ve learned hunting for toys and/or treat rewards, dogs will learn to search for an odor in increasingly larger areas.

Handlers will learn techniques for supporting their dogs while they search and how to read their dogs’ body language when they’ve found the hidden odor.

Prerequisites: K9 Nose Work Introduction class or instructor approval.

K9 Continuing in Odor

This class is for dogs that have become proficient at finding the target odor.

Dogs and handlers will continue to develop skills required to search diverse areas, find more difficult hide placements, and work on the four competition elements: containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles.

Dogs will also be introduced to two additional target odors.

This class will prepare dogs and handlers for taking the Odor Recognition Test (ORT) and for competition.

Prerequisite: K9 Nose Work Introduction to Odor or instructor approval.